Greetings, kindly sir/madam. My name’s Robert Tsao and I’m a game designer with in-depth experience across multiple design disciplines such as content design, 3D level design, and narrative/encounter pacing.

Or at least I was during the years I spent in Beijing, China. Now back in the US, I’m in the process of looking for any job that will have me while trying my best not to deviate from my set path/dream, which is to work with a talented team of like-minded developers on a triple-A game with an emphasis on narrative and story design.

Currently, I’ve got lots of free time on my hands, but strangely enough, this free time never equates to playing the games I want to play. Instead, I spend my time sending out resumes, teaching myself Python, learning to build levels in Unreal Editor, and large amounts of writing, creative or otherwise. In between all of that, reading lots of science fiction, playing board games, and when the stars are right, going to the gym and being the change I want to see in my delts.

You can contact me at robert.tsao@gmail.com.

Xbox Live Gamertag: atomsk99

SteamID: kingmob99

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