Robert Tsao

25462 La Habra Ct.

Laguna Hills CA 92653

(949) 458-7111



To secure a position with a talented team of developers as a game designer and help create games that provide immersive, meaningful experiences


Game Industry Experience

Possibility Space – Beijing, China

Game Designer/Writer                                                                       June 2009 – Sept 2010

Warrior Epic (PC; published by True Games Interactive) – 60

Quest Designer

  • Responsible for collating and unifying disparate story elements into cohesive mythology
  • Worked with Design and Art teams to flesh out monster and NPC design
  • Expanded and wrote story and background for high-level quest region “Trogken Swamps”
  • Designed, implemented, and playtested quests using LUA script while maintaining strict documentation on bugs, fixes, experience exploits, and encounter/narrative pacing issues
  • Helmed pre-production on quest region “The Timeless Storms” with Lead Design, created encyclopedia of races, geography, factions, history, and quest design reference


Variance Wars (PC; unreleased)

Game Designer

  • Brainstormed extensively with Lead Design to create core concept and central high-level design
  • Assisted programming team in creation of LUA templates for event-based scripts
  • Plotted science-fiction storyline, setting, and in-universe technology guide to set groundwork for lore and content design
  • Collaborated with QA team to propose and adopt a system of internal metrics and peer feedback to guide playtest sessions and properly iterate features
  • Tweaked combat flow by balancing character movement, weapon speed, animation time, damage, special attacks, and respawn mechanics
  • Specified design on all weapon, armor, and consumable item attributes
  • Set art asset creation guidelines for map design
  • Sketched out and created roughs of multiplayer maps using PS Tool Editor (proprietary tool) while working with environmental artists to conceptualize visual design and particle effects


Design Team Lead

  • Oversaw the workflow and creative output of a small team of three junior designers
  • Assigned tasks and facilitated peer review and critique during daily design meetings
  • Handled communication and follow-up with executive producer, and art and programming leads
  • Created rubric and standards for bilingual (English/Chinese) design documentation in order to provide maximum accessibility to international staff
  • Collaborated with UI artists to establish soft/hard UI rules and HUD interaction
  • Deconstructed and reassembled key designs with team to improve metagame and player investment (leveling, rewards, etc.)
  • Communicated with CG production team (outsourced) to consult on general themes and atmosphere of game


Unannounced Project

Game Designer/Product Management

  • Assembled documentation and material for company pitch of a persistent third-person MOBA (multiplayer on-line battle arena) shooter-hybrid based on a popular licensed property
  • Familiarized self with property through research, close analysis of property’s appeal, and created style guide for successful integration of property strengths into core project design
  • Outlined target audience, game mechanics, visual style and thematic direction, key features and selling points of the intellectual property, and project scope


Other Work Experience

Beihang University – Beijing, China

English Lecturer Sept 2008 – June 2009

  • Managed over 450 graduate and doctorate students for two semesters
  • Encouraged students to speak by allowing them to guide flow of topic discussion; assignments were created from adaptable template
  • Maintained an 85-90 percent positive teacher rating both semesters

Lehman Brothers SBF – Lake Forest, California

Remittance Specialist May 2007 – July 2008

  • Synchronized communication with headquarters in New York and delivered reports and analyses of current weekly earnings and investor action
  • Assigned by manager to help create new Cashiering department by stating mission intent and detailing department functions
  • Worked with other specialists to design and implement test plans during system conversion to ensure stability and troubleshoot potential problems



Professional: Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Visio), LUA scripting, Game Maker, narrative and story conventions, quest flow / design, 3D level design, 2D art basics (sketching, composition, shadows)

Other: Mandarin Chinese (fluent speaker/intermediate written), AP style



University of California Los Angeles – Graduated 2005, B.A. English



Science-fiction/fantasy literature (William Gibson, Weis & Hickman, Charles Stross), Comic books and sequential art (Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis), video games of all genres, pre-2000s anime (Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell), writing, cinema, board games (Arkham Horror), card games (Magic: The Gathering, L5R)

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